About Us

Gracelyne is a new company, based in West Virginia, USA, here to provide a streamlined equipment & apparel service for Squash Professionals and College Squash Teams. Gracelyne's business model is geared towards best serving the interest of our Professional Partners. Minimizing inventory worries, and streamlining purchases to ultimately help you achieve a better bottom line; while still delivering a high-quality product you can be proud of, and that your customers are accustomed to.

Our two racquet frames have been honed, tested and manufactured based on months of industry analysis. Weights & balances of Squash racquets can vary greatly, even within the same model range, and change year in year out... our goal is to provide exact weights and balances to our customers, and maintain the same frame specifications long-term, recognizing that the technology is not changing, and that once you have found a great racquet, you want to be able to stick with it!